TallyACE International Courseware is the beginner's guide to become a master in TallyPrime.
The courseware is designed to help learners understand the basic concepts of Computerised Accounting with Tally. It provides step-by-step instructions starting from download and installation, company creation, maintaining a chart of accounts, recording business transactions and generation of financial reports to accounts payable and receivable management. The book is enriched with numerous real life business scenarios, charts, screenshots, observations, solved illustrations, and practice scenarios on TallyPrime. Upon solving these live business scenarios, the learner will be able to understand the intricacies of business operations and would be equipped to handle such transactions in the daily work environment with ease.

Table of Content :

This chapter summarises the fundamentals of Accountancy, starting with the Accounting terms, concepts, right up to the double entry system of accounting. It explains the need and usage of Golden Rules of Accounting in the books of accounting and recording the business transactions.
This chapter on maintaining chart of accounts, shows you how simple it is to create, alter and display the Chart of Accounts such as, Ledgers, and Groups.
This chapter helps you to understand the meaning and types of inventories. Also covers the creation of inventory masters such as stock groups, stock category, godown.
This chapter on recording accounting transactions covers how to record transactions such as Receipt, Contra, Payment, Purchase, Sales, Debit Note, Credit Note, and Journal Vouchers with the practical scenarios.
This chapter covers the fundamentals and concepts of outstanding management, enabling Bill-wise, practical business scenarios on the given references such as, New Reference, Against Reference, Advance Reference, On account Reference with illustrations along with Bill Settlement and Credit Limit feature.
This chapter covers all MIS reports in Tally which are ,Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account, Cash Flow Statement, Ratio Analysis, Daybook, Receipts and payments, purchase, and sales register etc including Inventory reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

This courseware is highly recommended for learners who aspire to build a successful career in Accounts, Finance, Taxation and Banking sectors or as an entrepreneur.
TallyACE International is a comprehensive certification program. The topics covered is aligned with the current market requirement which makes it industry-preferred.
The assessment is necessary to complete the course and attain the specialization certificate which will help your career growth and enable you to showcase the certificate.
The assessment will be of 90 mins.
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The course is priced at a very competitive cost. We would encourage you to LOCATE A PARTNER and immediately get enrolled.
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