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Owning professional skills, today, is as much essential as possessing conventional degrees. To compete with and stay job- relevant in the ever- evolving, volatile market and industry scenarios- gaining right skills become imperative. Professional courses and certifications are now recommended by industries as they hone learners with the capabilities without which real- time work gets tougher to execute. These professional courses open- up several job opportunities and provide certified candidates with several industry options to begin their career from.  

Tally Education, to enable students and provide them with various job- opportunities, comes with a range of professional certification and courses. If you are into Commerce or Finance domain, then taking Tally Education Certifications and Courses will certainly elevate your learning and employability level. The courses and certifications will assist learners become proficient in Computerized Accounting domain and excel at working on Tally. The professional courses incorporate various aspect of Accounting, Finance, Management, Banking and Taxation for instance.

The certifications and courses coming directly from the makers of the business software Tally – makes it credible, trusted, and impactful amongst the industries and organizations. The popularity of Tally software has created an enormous demand for Tally skilled resources in the market. Today over 2 million business in the country operate their businesses through Tally; and hence they need resources who are well- acquainted with the features and working of the software.

While certification will make learners shine through their skills, Tally Education Placement Assistance team works dedicatedly on equipping them with interview taking skills and gaining insights from industry experts such as HR Professionals, Founders, Chartered Accountants to name a few. Numerous webinars and events are organized to give learners the real sneak- peek into the working reality of industries and forming a great and robust network amongst working professionals.

Tally Education brings certifications and professional courses designed by the Industry Experts and delivered through impactful and informative videos. Here are a few of the various courses and certification that you can choose from based on your requirements and grow further in your career:

  • TallyEssential – It covers topics from Basic to Intermediate Financial Accounting concepts. The course will help you understand how to perform basic to intermediate Accounting, Inventory and Basic Taxation (GST, TDS), and Simplification of Company Books of Accounts to name a few.
  • TDS using Tally – The specialization course on TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) covers step-by-step instructions starting from Fundamentals to Practical of TDS, Basic Concepts of TDS, Various TDS Process, Configuring TDS at different levels, TDS on Expenses at Lower, Zero and Higher Rate, TDS on Works Contract attracting GST, TDS on Income from Foreign Currency to name a few.

 If you are also looking to establish your career into Commerce or Financial domain; then check out Tally Education’s various courses and certifications to choose from based on your need and requirement. You also have the feasibility to enrol now and pay later for the selected course and certification. Choose from across our partner network to enrol to courses and get detailed information. Take the suitable course; and give your career an edge.


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