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*Disclaimer: The use of logos on our website as partners does not imply endorsement, rather signifies collaborative efforts for educational initiatives.

With a large partner network spanning multiple cities and partnerships with numerous prestigious colleges, government departments, institutions, TEPL has been actively taking part in multiple initiatives to support skilling, upskilling and reskilling of the young generation.


Government collaborations play a crucial role in skill development initiatives, as they bring together the resources and expertise of both the public and private sectors. These collaborations have provided us a platform to work closely with governmental bodies, leveraging their support and network to drive impactful skilling efforts through Tally Certifications.

By partnering with the below government initiatives, we have gained access to a wide range of benefits such as outreach opportunities, policy support, and access to a larger pool of potential beneficiaries. Additionally, the collaborations have helped us to showcase our commitment to social responsibility and contribute to the overall development of the workforce. Through these collaborations, we are actively participating in shaping the skill development landscape, addressing industry-specific challenges, and empowering an environment of continuous skilling, upskilling and reskilling.

Empowering the youth with skill-based training enhances their employability, fostering a pathway to sustainable careers and economic independence.
This cultivates a workforce ready to meet industry demands, unlocking opportunities for meaningful employment and professional growth.

Offering a robust platform, Tally enables students to assess and enhance their proficiency in Computerized Accounting, Finance, and Business Administration, fostering practical skills essential for the modern workplace.

Enabling students at colleges in states where NEP has been implemented to earn the requisite credits as well as preparing them to be job-ready on graduation.

Targeted upskilling initiatives uplift various segments of society, fostering inclusive growth and reducing disparities for a more equitable future.
Empowering the youth through tailored programs fuels not just their progress but also contributes significantly to the overall socio-economic advancement of society.

Centre for Digital Imaging and Technology (C-DIT), Kerala

C-DIT is an autonomous body under the Department of Electronics and IT, Govt. of Kerala, that works toward imparting education and training in communication, digital media, and information technology space.

Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited (RKCL), Jaipur, Rajasthan

RKCL is a joint venture of the Government of Rajasthan, the University of Rajasthan, and the Centre for e-governance with a mission to work for e-Empowerment through digital literacy and ignite the flames of knowledge, shaping futures through comprehensive skill development efforts.

Kerala Academy of Skills Excellence (KASE), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

KASE is the nodal agency for facilitating and coordinating various skill development initiatives of the state, with the objective of skilling the young workforce of Kerala and elevating their skills to global standards for employment in India and abroad.

CSC SPV E-Governance Services India Limited, New Delhi

CSC is an SPV under the Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt of India, which works on a mission to direct India’s youth toward becoming skilled resources and entrepreneurs, as well as co-creating the ecosystem.

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

ASAP is a Section-8 Company of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala, that focuses on skilling students and the general community to enhance their employability.

Kerala State Rutronix, Kerala

This was set up by the Government of Kerala as an apex federation of 18 Rural Women’s Electronics Societies in the State to provide “Employment Oriented Computer Education at Affordable Cost to All”.

Bihar Rural Development Society (BRDS), Bihar

This society was established by the Government of Bihar to catalyze, guide, support, coordinate and oversee the implementation of flagship programs in the field of education and employment of the State.

Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge (TASK), Telangana

TASK is a not-for-profit organization created by the Government of Telangana for bringing synergy among institutions of Government, Industry &students to grant access to modules for enhancing their technology, personal, and organizational skills at highly subsidized rates.

ASC Centre South 2ATC, Bangalore

The Army Service Corps (ASC) is an initiative by the Indian Army to provide administrative and logistic services to the members.



Self-paced learning modules created primarily for skilling, upskilling and reskilling


Provide real business scenario-based learning and training support through our empanelled partners


Assessment engine that facilitates online tests in all streams


Issue co-branded verifiable certificates to Tally certified learners


Facilitate the Job searching and hiring process for the learners as well as recruiters


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