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Why Tally Certification

Tally Education comes from the House of Tally and serves as the education initiative of Tally Solutions. It goes without saying that we are the creator of the country’s simplest and popular Business Software – Tally. Our years of domain expertise – ensures we bring the best-in-the-industry learning courses and certifications on Accounting with TallyPrime! The in-demand Tally Certifications and Tally Courses hone your skill, increase your chances of better job prospects, higher pay and new career opportunities.

To bridge the gap between – academia and the industry. To enable skill-based education with a more practical and dynamic approach. Our Tally Courses and Tally Certifications ensure learners progress and accelerate in their careers.

First impression is the best impression, we ensure and assure the same! Our attention to quality, our years of experience and domain expertise enable us to stand out from the rest and make Tally the top skill to learn. We ensure results while keeping a close eye on industry updates and requirements. The relevance and expertise brought in by Tally Courses and Certifications give our candidates an extra edge over others in interviews, jobs and career progressions.

  • Our courses and certifications are curated by creators of the product and industry experts
  • We have a strong network of partners across India for providing you easy access and better assistance
  • Our systematically designed course modules provide orderly and optimal online learning experience
  • Our courses ensure career progression and management across multiple industries
  • Our Tally Courses and Tally Certifications are industry- recognized
  • Online assessment availability with our courses
  • Our courses can be accessed through Tally Education Content App
  • Our online courses can be accessed and learnt from anywhere and everywhere
  • Guided and thoughtfully created sessions for mastering the art of job interviews
  • Assistance in securing a job you deserve
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Our Courses and Certifications

A specialist, an expert is always learning and growing their craft. They are on an endless journey of exploring, acquiring, discovering new ideas and concepts. Our Tally Courses and Tally Certifications ensure we are a part of this endless journey. The primary to professional courses give our students an all- encompassing learning platform and experience.

Flagship Courses


Explore the world of Accounting in the simplest and best way possible!
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International Courses

International Courses

Learn the nuances of accounting and taxation relevant to your country norms and regulations!
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Online Courses


TallyDigiLearn a space for you to establish your career in the field of Accounting, Finance and Administration domain. To reskill, upskill and therefore move towards a better career and bigger job opportunities.
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From certifications to courses, their different opportunities, we try and cover different areas and topics. 

Importance of Book-Keeping

Bookkeeping forms the backbone of any successful business. It’s the meticulous recording and management of financial transactions that keep an organization’s financial health in check.

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