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Continuous Learning is the Only Way to Stay Relevant! 

Our History

Over the years, the success of Tally software fuelled the demand for Tally trained and certified professionals across the nation. So, we started our intervention into the market over a decade ago. Initially we created the courseware and governed the trainings delivered by the network of our partners. Post a lot of deliberations we decided to move away from “Training” and focus on certification. We are now stabilizing in setting the benchmark for assessing competency for a given purpose, which can scale for the massive SME customer base. 

This will give you the freedom and liberty to learn through medium of your choice, and yet be able to validate your competency for employment.

Our Purpose


“To positively impact the lives of "Learners" by increasing employability, accelerating professional careers and adding value to the businesses they operate”

Message from our Ceo

Bhuwaneshwari B

Continuous learning is the only way to stay relevant!

Change is the only constant thing in our lives, literally everything is changing around us, including us. In this changing environment, what keeps one relevant to time is “Learning”. Learning, in terms of technology, general knowledge, specific domain like accounts, etc., also unlearning is “all new learning”. The need to learn also changes with time and age. We do a lot of structured learning in the growing up phase, typically during schooling phase of our lives. Then comes unstructured learning, which is need basis, curiosity, for being up to date. In this phase learning can be broadly classified as “Self-Learning” or “Assisted-Learning”.
TEPL, is into building people and enabling them to achieve their dreams. We want to empower them, make them business ready so that they are able to contribute positively to the businesses they operate.
All organizations, into various businesses, need capable (knowledgeable and skilled) workforce which will remain relevant (continuously updated) with changing times and technologies to contribute to their growth, therefore there is a need for a “single source of learning for all”. We create simple, easy and enjoyable learning platform for both trainer (mentor) and trainee (learner) along with access to rich and diverse content delivered by the industry experts; especially in the space of Computerized Accounting, Finance and Administration.
We believe, continuous learning (also unlearning) is the only way to success. Happy Learning!

Our Courses

Explore our various industry- preferred courses and certifications and select the one that suits your requirement.



This flagship courseware is the complete guide on Basics to Intermediate Accounting.

TDS Using Tally

TDS using Tally

This specialized course is a complete guide on Tax Deducted at Source (TDS).

GCC VAT Using Tally

GCC VAT Using Tally

This international courseware covers  end to end details on GCC VAT, its concepts and usage.

TallyEssential International

TallyEssential International

This international courseware is the complete guide on Basics to Intermediate Accounting with scenarios for international markets.


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