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Financial Markets and Services

About the Course

This course begins by exploring the various market segment and their products. The content covers the various terminologies used in the capital markets, various intermediaries, products, investments, stock exchanged, regulators and regulations. It also covers miscellaneous items and various mathematical methods to evaluate investments.

What will Students learn in our Course?

  • Investment Basics
  • Overview of Indian Securities Markets
  • Securities Primary Markets
  • Secondary Markets
  • Debt Markets
  • Derivatives
  • Depository
  • Mutual Funds
  • Concepts and Modes of Analysis
  • Legal Framework


Course preview


25 hours

INR 9,999/- + GST

Course Content

  • SEBI as a Regulator – Part 1
  • SEBI as a Regulator – Part 2
  • Products in Indian Securities Market – Part 1
  • Products in Indian Securities Market – Part 2
  • Securities under SCRA
  • Wholesale Debt Market – Part 1
  • Wholesale Debt Market – Part 2
  • Indices of Indian Securities Market – Part 1
  • Indices of Indian Securities Market – Part 2
  • Stock Exchanges in India – Part 1
  • Stock Exchanges in India – Part 2
  • Debt Market Products
  • Derivatives – Part 1
  • Derivatives – Part 2
  • Depository Participants – Part 1
  • Depository Participants – Part 2
  • Mutual Funds – Part 2
  • Clearing and Settlement – Part 1
  • Clearing and Settlement – Part 2
  • Interest Application – Part 1
  • Interest Application – Part 2
  • Legal Framework
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