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GCC VAT using Tallyprime

A Complete Guide on GCC VAT concepts and usage

About the Course

GCC VAT using TallyPrime is designed to help learners understand the advanced concepts of Computerized Accounting and taxation of the Middle East Countries .

It provides step-by-step instructions starting from: Fundamentals of GCC VAT, Understanding of Different Types of VAT Supplies, Activation of VAT, Recording of Gulf VAT Transactions, Accounting of Intra GCC Transactions, Purchase Returns & Sales Returns, Advance Receipts, Imports from outside GCC Countries, Export to Outside GCC Countries for instance.

The book is enriched with numerous real life business scenarios, charts, screenshots, observations, solved illustrations, and practice scenarios using TallyPrime.  To join this course locate a partner near you.

GCC VAT using Tally

Course duration

35 hours

Course Detail

The entire course has been conceptualized in a way that gives you a seam-less and best learning experience with practical applications. Enclosed below are the topic details covered in the courseware:

This chapter includes fundamentals of GCC VAT.

This chapter covers basic GCC VAT transaction like Purchase and Sales of Taxable Goods, Intra and Inter GCC Supply.

This chapter incorporates Purchase and Sales Return, Import and Export, Inclusive, Supply of Profit Margin under GCC and Import for Subsequent Sales.

This chapter covers Printing, Payment to Tax Authority and Filing of Returns.


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Case Study

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Most frequently questions and answers

This courseware is highly recommended for learners who aspire to specialize and understand in detail the taxation process in the Middle East Countries.

To get enrolled for GCC VAT using TallyPrime, one must have completed 12th/PUC in any stream and should have basic Tally knowledge. You can then take the course since it has been designed in the best and simplest way possible which is aligned with the all new TallyPrime software.

Both the options are available, and candidates can opt for online or in person classes.

GCC VAT using TallyPrime is a comprehensive course. The topics covered is aligned with the taxation process in the Middle East countries.

The assessment is necessary to complete the course and attain the specialization certificate which will help your career growth and enable you to showcase the certificate.

The assessment will be of 90 mins.

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