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GST using Tallyprime

A Complete Guide on Goods and Services Tax (GST)

About the Course

If you are a student or a working professional and an expert in the Accounting and Finance domain, then GST using TallyPrime is the course designed for your career growth. It covers topics from Introduction to GST to Accounting of basic and advanced GST transactions, and filing GST returns.

The various concepts explained through illustrations, and real-life industry-based scenarios help establish a strong foundation for your Taxation and Financial career.

This course will help you understand how to introduce GST in a company and record basic and advanced compliance transactions. The practical application will be done on the new TallyPrime to keep you on par with the new releases. To join this course locate a partner near you.

Course duration

45 hours

Course Detail

GST using TallyPrime course covers topics from basic to advanced GST concepts, e-Way Bill, e-Invoice, and accounting of GST-compliant transactions. Enclosed below are the topic details covered in this course.

This chapter covers an Introduction to GST, e-Way Bill, GST e-Invoicing, GST in TallyPrime, Hierarchy of Calculating Tax in Transactions, Recording GST compliant transactions, e-Way Bill Reports in TallyPrime, Input Tax Credit Set Off against Liability, GST Tax Payment, Generating GST Returns for Regular Dealer in TallyPrime, Filing GST Returns in TallyPrime, Generating e-Invoice in TallyPrime, Quarterly Return Monthly Payment Scheme, Composition Dealer under GST Regime, Introduction to e-Invoice Sandbox experience, Connected and Complete e-Way bill System in TallyPrime.

GST e-Invoicing, Recording GST compliant transactions such as Intrastate Supply of Goods & Services, Interstate Supply of Goods, Purchases from Unregistered Dealer, Purchases from Composition Dealer, Accounting Mixed Supply and Composite Supply, Supply of Exempted/Nil-rated Goods, Supply of Goods to Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Supply of Goods to Other Territory, Supply of Goods to Unregistered Dealer, Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST, Export of Goods, Advance Receipt, Generating e-Invoice Report, Generating e-Way Bill Report, Input Tax Credit Set Off against Liability, GST Tax Payment, Reversal of Input Tax Credit, Generating and e-Filing GST Returns in TallyPrime.

GST (Goods and Services Tax) simulation is a practical and interactive training tool that replicates the processes and calculations involved in GST transactions. This is designed to empower our learners with real-time practice and expertise in GST management (GST returns, generating e-Way bill, and e-Invoicing)


Our courses include interactive and interesting content, concepts, and engaging content delivery to ensure you have a delightful learning experience.

Hybrid-Learning Module

A Hybrid-Learning Module enables you to learn the course through text and interactive video content.

Digital Content

Digital Content comprises explainer videos, tutorial videos, quizzes, and infographics ensuring a delightful learning experience.


The assessment comprises questions such as MCQs, MMCQs, True or False, and Image-Based Questions.


The course is designed as per the latest enhancements under GST law. This is an Industry Preferred and Verifiable Digital Certificate from Tally.


This is a practical and interactive training tool that replicates the processes and calculations involved in GST transactions (GST returns, generating e-Way bills, and e-Invoicing)


Most frequent questions and answers

This courseware is highly recommended for working professionals and students who aspire to build a successful career in Finance, and Taxation or as an entrepreneur. To get enrolled for GST using TallyPrime, one must have completed his Graduation.

To get enrolled for GST using TallyPrime, one must be a working professional and must have completed his graduation in any stream. You can then take the course since it has been designed in the best and simplest way possible which is aligned with the all-new TallyPrime software.

Both options are available, and candidates can opt for online or in-person classes.

GST using TallyPrime certification program covers topics on Goods and Services Tax. The content is aligned to the latest features as introduced by GST law which is the current statutory requirement in the market that makes it industry-preferred.

The assessment is necessary to complete the course and attain the specialization certificate which will help your career growth and enable you to showcase the certificate.


The duration of the course is 45 Hours.

The assessment will be for 60 mins.

You can enroll for the course through our partner network spread across the country and globally. LOCATE A PARTNER nearby and enroll today for the course.

Yes, there is an extra fee for the GST simulation.

Yes, after finishing the GST simulation, you’ll get a certificate showing your proficiency in using GST principles in real situations.

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