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Microsoft Excel- Beginner to Advanced

  • 8 Hours min course
  • Self- learning videos 
  • Accessibility from multiple devices
  • Accessibility to content for 1 year
  • Lifelong access to Tally Job Portal
  • Industry- recognized Tally Certificate after completion

About the Course

A Compulsion Course for Accounting, Financial, MIS, Data Analysis, MNC Employees, Students, Teachers, Tax Professionals, Auditors & Business Management Sectors.

The specialization course on Microsoft Excel covers step-by-step instructions starting from Fundamentals to Advanced including Basic Concepts, Filling, Logical Functions, Lookups to advanced lookups. Data Validations, Macros, Conditional Formatting, MIS Reports, Dashboards, Charts, Pivot Table, Protection, Printing Configuration, Sort & Filters, Data Imports, VBA Basics, and much more.

The course is enriched with numerous real-life business scenarios, charts, screenshots, observations, and solved illustrations in Microsoft Excel. The professional course is structured in a blended format which gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace while getting help from experts.

If your job or business involves working with data or if you are looking to improve your Microsoft Excel skills and make your day-to-day work simpler than ever then here is a plan which will instantly accelerate your career growth.

Enroll for this Microsoft Excel Beginner to the advanced level course.

It does not matter which industry you belong to; you need excel skills to save hours of time, get better opportunities, getting better growth.

Join us to become a Pro in Excel!

Course Created by: Vedanta Soft solutions        Medium: English

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Course Fee

INR 2400/-

INR 1200/-

Course Content

  • Launching – Basics of Excel Main Dashboard, Interface
  • Cells, Rows, Columns, and Sheets Basics
  • Home Tab Basics – Editing and Formatting
  • Copy Paste Functions – All Types
  • Home Tab – Customization of Tabs
  • Speak Cells
  • Text to Columns – MS Excel Split Tool
  • Characteristics of a Cell and Cell References
  • Comments in MS Excel – Insert, Edit, Paste and Customize Comment Background
  • Fill Series – Basics – Fill Data only, Fill Format, Fill Weekdays and more
  • Fill Series-Advanced – Fill Interval, Custom Lists, and Fill side
  • Fill Series – Flash Fill
  • How to Hide and Unhide Rows, Columns, Sheets
  • Freeze Panes – Top Row, Columns & Multiple Rows & Columns
  • Filters – Learn How to Use Filter to analysis a Big Data
  • Split Sheet Window
  • How to Insert & Delete Cells, Rows, Columns
  • Working with Sheets
  • View Sheets Side by Side from One Excel File
  • Workbook Protection – Learn how to setup a Password to open Excel File
  • Sheet & Cells Protection
  • Concatenate – Join Multiple Text Strings into ONE
  • Trim Functions – Remove unnecessary Elements from strings
  • Print Formulas Left, Right, and Middle
  • Date Related Formulas
  • Print, Page Setup, Margins, Size, Excel to PDF
  • Page Header & Footer, Add Page Numbers, Logo, Report Name, Date, Time & more
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Import data from the web
  • Import data from a text document with auto refresh
  • Import-text word ppt jpeg video- pdf & more objects
  • Format multiple sheets at a time
  • Hyperlinks – Links to Sheet-File-Webpages and more
  • Logical Functions Test Functions
  • IF formulas – IF – IF and – IF or – nested IF – If error
  • Student Marksheet Calculation using Sum, Nested IF, Rank, Status avg, and more
  • V Lookup – Exact Match and Approximate Match
  • H Lookup
  • X Lookup – Download and Add to your Excel
  • X Look up – Basics
  • Xlookup Formula
  • EMI and Loan Statement Preparation – PMT PPMT IPMT
  • Dropdown List Creation – Dependent List – Independent List – Data Validation
  • Data Validation – Date-List-Whole Number – Text Length-Nested If-Ifs and more
  • Macro Part1 – Designing a Form
  • Macro Part2 – Recording and Running a Macro
  • VBA & Macro Introduction
  • 3D SUM – Calculate Multiple Sheet and analyze
  • Age Calculator – Exclusive and Inclusive
  • Charts – Pie Charts
  • Charts – Bar Charts and Column Charts
  • Auditing Tools – Trace Precedents-Dependent-Show Formula and more
  • Statistical Formulas – Sum-Sum if-sumifs-avg-avgif-avgifs-count-countif-countifs
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