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Roadmap to a successful accounting career

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Building a rewarding career in any industry becomes easier when you take the time to create a plan. The accounting profession is no exception to this golden rule of career advancement. Only planning without concrete action squanders the opportunity to develop a successful professional life.

Getting the right education is the first step in any job in accounting. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because accounting is a complicated subject. A Bachelor’s degree or specialized certification are both options for aspiring accountants, although the latter will provide more opportunities for your long-term career.

Why choose a career in Accounting?

India’s position as one of the most promising rising economies has steadily grown. Its economy is also among the fastest growing in the world. As a result, with opportunities opening for everyone and a global focus on optimization, the function and significance of accounting professionals have grown significantly due to the intensifying competition in the business sector. In general terms, their job entails carefully examining expenditures and coming up with solutions to minimize them as much as feasible.

Listed here are some of the primary reasons for advancement toward a career in accounting:

1. Always a Demanding Career

Every type of organization requires accounting professionals to manage their budgets, complete audits, or carry out financial reporting, making the profession quite demanding.

2. Work in a Wide Range of Industries

Transitioning into other industrial sectors and choosing a different profession, such as managerial accounting, payroll clerk, bookkeeping, or tax accountant, may be facilitated by having a degree and a specialized certificate in accounting or finance.

3. Growth Opportunities

Although lateral movements are more common, a career in accounting can also prepare you for a position as an executive. You can start looking for managerial jobs if you’ve had a few years of experience in different positions. The CEO, CFO, and other business executives can all benefit from having a background in accounting.

4. Good Compensation

Advanced degrees and certifications are necessary for most accounting jobs. Companies are willing to pay higher salaries because they recognize the demand for certain qualifications. By improving your abilities, you’ll excel in your current career and be more marketable to employers when applying for higher-level positions.

The industry has grown rapidly, and it offers a terrific career path for those with an aptitude for finance, management, and accounting. Depending on the needs of the business, different organizations have varied duties and responsibilities outlined for the job profile stated above. It is always advisable and needed to establish your foundation in the domain and have good knowledge of the Advance topics before diving deeper.

Tally Education Certifications play a crucial role in shaping one’s career in the field of Finance and Accounting. The industry-preferred certifications and courses make the learner’s journey easier and stronger.

Further to support and help in the career growth and transition of accounting enthusiasts like you, Tally Education has created the Tally Job Portal with the below features:

  • Find and apply for jobs as per your criteria & eligibility
  • Receive instant interview schedule notifications
  • Interview tips to enhance your confidence
  • Attend online interviews through our in-built recruitment tool – Interview Master
  • Get feedback from employers on completed interviews
  • Register and connect with employers directly through events like HR Meets, Job Fairs, Campus Drives, and Industry Connect.

Tally Education is committed to enabling learners, faculty, aspiring youth, and working professionals to gain from opportunities created by increasing computerization in the space of accounts, finance, and administration globally.  Tally certifications are focused on increasing the employability of job seekers and creating the availability of trained resources for businesses.


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