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TallyCalculus is an end-to-end online assessment tool for corporates, professional training organizations, educational institutes, universities, colleges and schools. The platform incorporates the best practices and latest technology ensuring a seamless experience for its users. It enables organizations and educational groups assess and evaluate the best-in-class talents, endorse and enable them for relevant career growths.

Tally, a brand synonymous with trust and excellence. We come with our DNA built on ethics and best practices.

We have a proven record of providing bestin-class user experience for more than 3 lakh tests taken across the country.

We use the most up-to-date technology and services to ensure a robust system with best-in-class data privacy.

We can easily adapt to diverse infrastructure, arrangement, operation and internet speeds.


TallyCalculus has been designed to provide the user with the best and simplest experience ever. Following features have been introduced and incorporated to give you a seamless experience while you invest into getting the best resources for your business.

Powerful Test Taking


  • Countdown Timer indicates the time remaining for the candidate to end the test
  • Section Pallet enables moving across sections easily
  • Question Pallet provides easy navigation to other questions with colour codes to filter attempted/marked review/un-attempted questions
  • Quick Access Toolbar consists of the below features:
  • Next/Previous Navigation to move to the next or the previous question
  • Mark for Review allows a question to be marked for rechecking/reviewing before the test ends
  • Bottom Status Bar with colour codes gives a quick glance at the test as one progresses
  • And Onscreen-Draggable-Calculator


Test Takers


Assessment can be conducted from anywhere, anyhow on a Desktop, Laptop and Mobile with minimal support.

Strong Analytics and Reporting

Powerful Post-test Analytics
A complete analysis is possible right from questionnaire, to topic, to percentage, to student including the entire batch and their performance
Strong Decision Making
Strong decision-making is feasible from the data provided by the platform on the questions, students, the environment and the facilities provided
Easy Reporting
All the reports and data available in the system can be exported in a PDF and Excel format

AI Based Auto Proctoring

Analysis of Detailed Audit Log of the exam ensures detection of any malpractice
AI-driven Auto Proctoring assists large scale exams
Remote Proctoring supported by capturing images and recording of the exam
Auto Proctoring eliminates physical exam invigilation

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