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How to Crack Interviews with Confidence

  • 2 Hours 
  • Self- learning videos 
  • Accessibility from multiple devices
  • Accessibility to content for 1 year
  • Lifelong access to Tally Job Portal
  • Industry- recognized Tally Certificate after completion

About the Course

The specialization course on ‘How to crack Interview with confidence’ is your one-stop solution to preparing for an Interview and ensuring your success in it. This course helps you master the skills and techniques needed in an interview and also helps to understand what the Interviewer is looking for in a potential candidate. It helps you to make the right impression and to appear confident in your body language, resume making formats and also virtual and telephonic interviews.

With easy to understand and simple English, this course comes with assignments and quizzes at the end of each module to ensure that you have thoroughly grasp the concepts taught in that lesson. So do ensure you complete those before moving on to the next video.

The course is enriched with chapter names with sub-topics, introduction video, short description of the video. The professional course is structured in a blended format which gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace while getting help from experts and helping learners to understand the importance of an Interview. This course will guide them to crack and ace the interview with confidence. As a certified learner you get an edge among your fellow competitors in the job market.

Course Created by: Richa Maheshwari        Medium: English

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Course Completion Certificate

Course Fee

INR 2400/-

INR 1200/-

Course Content

  • Skills Assessed in an Interview
  • Types of Interviews
  • Resume Making
  • Preparing for Grooming and Attire
  • Preparing your resume
  • Preparing for research on the company which is taking the interview
  • Frequently asked questions and how to answer them
  • First Impression in an Interview
  • Body Language in an Interview
  • Some other Etiquette to follow in an Interview
  • What is Telephonic Interview
  • What are the best practices in an Telephonic Interview
  • What are Virtual Interviews and best practices for the same
  • Do’s and Don’ts after an Interview
  • Connect on Professional social media platforms
  • Points for Introspection once the Interview is over
  • How should you immediate response be like after the interview is over
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