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Banking Utilities Management

  • 2 hours course
  • Self- learning videos
  •  Accessibility from multiple devices

  • Accessibility to content for 1 year
  • Lifelong access to Tally Job Portal
  • Industry- recognized Tally Certificate after completion

About the Course

The specialization course will help learners understand the Banking process in general and its process in TallyPrime. The course will make the learner experiment Cheque Printing, Generate Deposit Slips and Payment Advice from TallyPrime. Upon completion, learners will be able to manage Cheque Books, generate Deposit Slips and Payment Advice, perform Bank Reconciliation Statement using TallyPrime amongst other activities.  

The course is enriched with numerous real life business scenarios, charts, screenshots, observations, solved illustrations on TallyPrime. The professional course  is structured in a blended format which gives you a flexibility to learn at your own pace while getting help from experts. As a certified learner you get an edge among your fellow competitors in the job market.

Course Created by: Sakthi Tally Academy                   Medium :   English 

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Banking Utilities
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Course Content

  • Words that come to mind on Banking
  • Multiple Tasks involved in Banking
  • How TallyPRIME simplifies today’s Banking
  • Banking features in TallyPrime
  • Cheque Printing in TallyPrime
  • Steps to be Followed in Cheque Printing Process
  • Single Cheque Printing with Illustration
  • Multi Cheque Printing with Illustration
  • Deposit Slips in TallyPrime
  • Steps to be followed in Deposit Slips Printing
  • Cheque Deposit Slips in TallyPrime with Illustration
  • Cash Deposit Slips in TallyPrime with illustration
  • What is Payment Advice?
  • Steps to be followed to print Payment Advice in TallyPrime
  • Payment Advice Printing in TallyPrime with Illustration
  • What is Bank Reconciliation?
  • Reasons for Mismatch of Bank Balance
  • Steps to be followed in TallyPrime for Bank Reconciliation
  • Using Sample Illustration – Real Time Bank Reconciliation experimented
  • What is Auto Bank Reconciliation?
  • Manual vs. Auto BRS
  • Steps to be followed in TallyPrime for Auto Bank Reconciliation
  • Auto Bank Reconciliation Demo
Closeup image businesswoman holding coins putting to stacking coins bank and calculating. concept saving money wealth for finance accounting.
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